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Satellite imagery is a powerful resource that is often used by multiple industries to inform important decisions. From monitoring crop fields, disaster relief areas, climate change, population analysis, and telling the weather forecast, satellite data collected over-time can provide valuable information. Current platforms and government tools are often difficult to navigate and require several steps before a user can get what they need.

Our team was tasked by Astro Digital, a satellite imaging and imagery analysis company, to create a tool that would allow users to easily search, live monitor, and analyze imagery for free from their main website.

Based on our client’s business goals and existing platform prototypes, I started mapping user journeys to help us focus on three high-level platform interactions, preview, action, and results. From there, we honed in on each of these categories with iterative wireframe sessions to streamline the micro interactions within each phase.


We created a platform that gave our users access to the best open satellite imagery available. By building our platform on the the Astro Digital API system, we had the opportunity to creatively showcase the power and range of Astro Digital's API system with our front-end platform.

The Astro Digital Browser is currently operating at

Go download some cool satellite imagery!


On the Astro Digital front-end platform, we made the process of getting satellite imagery fast and easy.

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