Open Roads

User Experience / User Interface


World Bank

Collecting and tracking road data is an important part of societal and economic development. Access to accurate information about road completeness, quality, and accuracy helps government officials make informed decisions about civic or agricultural developments in their communities.


We partnered with the World Bank to create open source tools that would allow government officials to easily analyze, update, and contribute to existing road dataset.

The project started with identifying the user base of this platform. I found the majority of our users would be government municipalities who needed a tool to help them quickly gauge existing road qualities in a certain area or metrics to support project progress. Our goal was to create an online dashboard that would visualize road network datasets that was available to us.

Not only is the dashboard useful for government officials, but by providing the public with open information, this promotes transparency and accountability on budget projects and national road developments.

The second challenge involved creating a way for users to easily update and contribute to the road network system. Not only did our team build an interface that helped users quickly visualize road data, but we also created an easy system for users to edit or update road conditions on their own.


Our partnership with the World Bank gave us an opportunity to help the local and national government road agencies in the Philippine government make better road investment decisions. By creating an open tool system, we managed to visualize the complexities of the road network system so our users can quickly take action steps towards improving their own roads.

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